Model No.  EP-02
Size Width: 1.1CM / Length: 2.7CM
Material Earplug   Silicone
Hearing Protection Type  In-ear
Characteristic Soft, Retractable, cord included
Weight 2.1g
Noise Reduction rate   SNR=25dB
Certifications  1. CE EN352-3
 2. ANSI S3.19
 3. ISO 9001: 2008
Product Properties:
1. Attenuation of 25dB to bring the noise level into the safe zone of below 80dB
    for a working environment with a 105dB noise level.
2. pre-shaped and pre-formed, thus no rolling is needed before insertion.
3. Do not have to touch the parts goes into the ear, the risk of infections greatly reduces.
4. Special flange shape and low-pressure material, makes it extremely comfortable for all wearers.
6. Plastic carry case included

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