ER70S-6, Reduced Smoke, Copper Free MIG Welding Wire, 18KG, .035/9mm

MIG CO2 Gas Shielded Welding Wire


This copper-free, smoke reducing ER70S-6 solid core MIG wire is our most commonly purchased wire for welding mild steel.

  • Newly mined, non-recycled material to prevent early rust build-up
  • Consistent wire thickness
  • Evenly spooled wire

ER70S-6 is mainly used for butt and fillet welding structures made by shipping steels and low alloy steels, such as; ships, containers, vehicles, engineering & construction machinery, bridges, and the like.

Certified by the Canadian Weldin Bureau (CWB)*
Standard: CSA W48-14
Classification: B-G 49 A 3 C1 S6 (B-G 49 A 3 C1 G6)
*certification is awaiting renewal


Thickness: .035 (9mm)
Single Box Shipping Weight: 18 kgs
Box Size: 11" x 11" x 4.25"
Position: All
Installation Method: MIG Welding
Lowest Temperature: -60C
Shielding Gas: Carbon Dioxide or Argon + Co2 or Argon + 2% Oxygen


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